Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Waiting for news from Thaa Atoll

By 7.00 am on December 27, the pier of the southwestern harbour of Male' was crowded with people. Most of them were from Thaa Atoll and they were waiting for relatives who were arriving in a high speed boat. The family of Mr Abdulla Jameel, a former cabinet minister, were camping on an uninhabited island in Thaa Atoll. Jameel hired Ocean-10 to bring back his family. Jameel's sons Athif and Mauroof went in the boat to islands of Thaa Atoll and picked many injured and sick people. The people gathered near the harbour were anxious to meet their relatives. They had not heard any news from the atoll. There was dead silence as the waiting continued. written by: niOS, Photos: Thoha Posted by Hello


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