Sunday, January 02, 2005

a strange tide

After the waves flooded Male', the crew of the small wooden boats moored in front of the 'Local Market' waited with fear and anxiety. They had experienced a phenomenon they had never seen in their entire lives on the sea. With the backwash of the waves, the water beneath the boats was sucked out and the boats almost ran aground. Then gruadually the tide went up, only to go down again. Several people gathered there, to watch the tide go up and down. Most of the boats were from other atolls, and had brought traders who came to Male' to sell their products such as fruits and vegetables and take back consumer goods to the atolls. These boats are also a primary mode of transportation between Male' and the outer islands. The crew tried to steady the boats using the mooring ropes. It was a scene filled with surprise and tension. Photos: Eagan Posted by Hello


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