Monday, January 24, 2005

Shortage of doctors

Haveeru reported on January 15 that the damage the health sector has incurred from the tsunami is around US$435,000.

Assistant Director Ahmed Afaal from the Health Ministry on Thursday said that aid is being sought from foreign sources to reconstruct the damages.

Afaal said that some nine expatriate doctors have resigned and left the Maldives after the tsunami. The Health Ministry is presently seeking 69 doctors from various fields.

Voluntary service organizations have expressed interest in sending doctors to Maldives, Afaal said.

However, on January 23 Haveeru reported that health officials have reassessed the damage to be around US$894,940.

Health ministry's assistant director Aishath Sheena told Haveeru that service had been resumed in the hospital in Muli in Meemu Atoll, after the hospital incurred severe damage. She said other institutions that incurred damages will be operational within about three months. Sheena also told that there was a shortage of doctors and that the government has requested assistance from various foreign parties to solve this problem.


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