Wednesday, January 05, 2005

House in Henveyru, Male', Maldives, Part 3: Dejavu

Inside the house we met Kalhu Huthu, 70, the owner of the house. He said stoves and ovens were all destroyed by the flood. They had no means of cooking. Kalhu Huthu makes a living by selling second-hand goods. Back in 1987, when a tidal wave hit Male', the house was located in the periphery. The damage was worse then. There were no structures at the time to shield his house from the waves. Now the landscape of Male' has changed considerably. Sitting inside his house, Kalhu Huthu said he and his family have many memories of the 1987 tidal wave. He had young children back then. Now they have all grown up. Seventeen years after the tidal wave, to experience the tsunami was like a dejavu. We left, promising to direct aid to the household. written by: niOS, Photos: Eagan Posted by Hello


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