Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Volunteers were the backbone of the relief camp set up in Majeediyya School, Male'. From the moment the people from Dhiffushi were brought to Male' they were assisted by a number of people who brought soaps, towels, clothes and other essential items. Volunteers were there to help the elderly and to assist the sick and the injured. They were there to clean the toilets and feed the people. NGOs, scouts and girl guides were there. The camp was run by the National Security Service. Police were also offering their assistance. A volunteer said they still needed many things for the camp, especially stuff like detergents, because there was one toilet block for all the people, and it was being constantly used. On December 28 things were a bit hectic in the camp, because there were so many things to organise. written by: niOS, Photos: Eagan, Thoha Posted by Hello


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