Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tsunami victims in Gan protest over sewage system

Minivan News reports that tsunami victims who have recently moved to new homes in Laamu Atoll Gan have protested on Monday demanding a planned sewage system to be completed.

The tsunami victims from Mundoo and Kalhaidhoo moved into French Red Cross homes on Gan in March, but have been forced to defecate in the sea in the absence of a sewage system.
There are also divisions brewing between the people who are natives of Gan and those who shifted because of the tsunami. Such shifts recently made headlines in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll Maamigili as well.

Native Gan islanders claim tsunami victims from Mundoo and Kalhaidhoo are being given superior facilities to those already living on the island.

Residents of Gamuthundi village are demanding their village be incorporated into the planned sewage system.

They have refused contractors access to a key construction site for the sewage system, which is situated on the main road through their village. Since October groups of farmers and fishermen have taken shifts guarding the site to ensure work does not take place.



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